Card Making Tips

Card Making Tips

A couple years ago I started creating cards using my Cricut Explore and I love it. Card making has become one of my favorite things to create. I love looking at all the creative cards on Pinterest and the ideas for homemade cards are endless. I love creating personalized cards for family members, such as a fishing card for Papa or a soccer card for my nephew.

Here are some tips for creating cards that will help you as you begin this creative adventure.

  • Buy already made cards at the store and add paper, text, and embellishments to them. If you purchase them with a coupon from any of the craft stores or when they are on sale, it's a great deal.
  • Keep leftover Christmas Card envelopes because they are usually 5x7 and you can reuse them for your homemade cards. I always do photo Christmas cards and you have to purchase them in sets of 20 so I always have leftover envelopes. Honestly I have not bought any envelopes for my cards this year and I probably have enough envelopes for next year to.
  • If you use a Cricut Explore only write on the smooth side of the card stock or buy smooth card stock to use for the writing. I have had bad luck with the pen smearing on the rougher side and the writing does not look as nice.
  • The number one rule for card making for me is less glue is the best because you can always add more glue. I absolutely love the EK Tools Zig Memory System 2-Way Squeeze and Roll Glue Pen, New Package it dries clear and a little dot of glue does the job. For adding paper to the cards, I like to use the double sided Thermoweb Mounting Squares 750/Pkg, White 1/2-Inch because they are permanent, but you can reposition the paper easily without ruining your card. I also love the 3D Foam Adhesive Tape Small Squares - 1 Sheet of 940 Squares to make things pop on your cards.
  • If you have a Cricut Explore or another machine, using the colored pens on cards just adds an amazing element to your card. I would suggest investing in different colored pens. I am still building my pen collection because I just started using the colored pens and I love them!
  • When you mail your homemade card, tell the postal worker you would like a stamp and the non-machine fee, right now it's .21 cents. Your card will be hand sorted and will not get ruined going through the machine. The post office also puts a special stamp on it to.

These are basic card making tips and if you have other great tips please add it in the comment section. I feel I am always learning as I create and I am trying new things on my cards.

Happy Crafting! I have included some links on Amazon that have amazing deals for everything you need to start creating homemade cards.

Below are some affiliate links and I may make a commission for purchases made through the following links.

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