3 Cleaning Routines to have a Happy Clean Home

3 Cleaning Routines to have a Happy Clean Home

Everyone has to clean and sometimes cleaning with a busy schedule can be frustrating and overwhelming. Whether you are a stay at home mom, work full time or retired cleaning is a job that requires time and effort. Everyone has busy schedules and obligations and I have been researching different weekly cleaning routines. Some people love to clean, for me I love a clean house, but I don't enjoy cleaning. I can't stand messes or clutter, so to me a happy home is a clean home.

I have tried out a few before I found one that worked for my family's schedule. I am a stay at home mom with two small children and it's easier for me to do a few cleaning jobs everyday. Plus with having a cleaning routine I can look ahead at my week and do extra cleaning on certain days, for example my son goes to a cooperative preschool so on the days I help, I do my Tuesday chores on Monday or Wednesday. Personally I can get overwhelmed at a huge to do list, so by doing a couple chores a day I always feel like I accomplished something. Plus doing daily cleaning routines, allows me to enjoy the weekends with my family and take some time off, as much time off as a mom gets.

This is my weekly cleaning routine and I just keep it on the fridge. On top of this I do daily chores, that I don't have listed. We clean the kitchen every night (wipe counters, table, dishes/dishwasher), pick up toys and straighten up the house, make beds, cobwebs, and vacuum to name just a few. I'm also "old fashion" and prefer pen and paper.

Here are some cleaning routines I found. I think I need to make a monthly cleaning routine to and add some new cleaning chores to my daily routine.

Lamberts Lately- I love how colorful this one is and how it's organized. I like that it adds outside chores to, which is always an issue for me in the summer.

Uncommon Designs- This one is great with chores for everyday and a spot to add in notes for the week. Uncommon Designs recommended laminating the schedule and using a dry erase marker to mark off chores completed.

Viva Veltoro- This one has chores listed daily and I love how it says to spend time with your family on the weekend. So important.

I hope these cleaning routines help you and inspire you to do a little everyday to have a clean home to relax in after a long day. I relax better looking out at a clean living room after the kids go to bed and I'm ready to start another day knowing I'm going to wake up to a clutter free home.

Happy Cleaning!

Jenny Sparmo

Jenny Sparmo

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